1 TAC TC1200 Flashlight Overview

1 TAC TC1200 tactical flashlight is a brand new flashlight on the market that is ready to step into the market as a leader in the tactical flashlight renaissance. Finding the right tactical flashlight can be difficult considering the available options on the marketplace. Being able to distinguish which offers are worth purchasing is no easy task. Which is why we have compiled this review with credit to our pals at bestmilitaryflashlights.com/tc1200-flashlight-review to make it easier for you to make a well-informed decision regarding 1TAC’s latest offering and whether you should consider it as your next tactical flashlight.

1 TAC TC1200 Flashlight Review:

What Is It?

This particular model is primarily marketed as a high performance LED flashlight that is military inspired. The brand promises to deliver a variety of benefits and features that you would expect in an industry standard tactical flashlight. Regardless of your intentions of buying or needing this kind of flashlight, it features the versatility to serve a variety of needs.


1. 1,200 Lumens Of Light.

One of the major positives of this flashlight is it’s power potential. Because it features 1,200 Lumens of light, it is easily one of the most powerful tactical flashlights on the market with significant light output that should be sufficient for just about any task. In fact, some of it’s competition has a much smaller Lumen output with a majority in it’s class only being able to output 800 Lumens.

Along with the significant output potential, this flashlight also comes with five different modes for different amounts of light source including low, medium, high, SOS, and even strobe settings which can last anywhere up to 100,000 total lamp hours. Along with these modes, the flashlight can focus at various distances including 1x, 250x, 500x, 1000x, and even 2000x. Therefore, you should have plenty of different LED light ranges and concentrations to choose from.

2. IP Certification.

Another essential feature that this flashlight comes with is sufficient IP certification. In fact, the model is said to feature IP65 which can be classified as ‘waterproof.’ Along with this waterproof feature, it is around 20% brighter than all of the other tactical flashlights on the market with the same level of certification.

3. Tactical Kit.

Along with the actual flashlight itself, the flashlight also comes with a fully equipped tactical kit that includes es 1 AAA battery holder, one rechargeable battery, one wall charger, one car charger, one tactical storage case, and 1 TC12000 holster that will be able to be fully secured on your belt.

Overall, this is clearly one of the best tactical flashlights on the market. Not only are you going to be getting substantial value for your money, but you are going to be able to enjoy all of the features that you would expect (and more) from a tactical flashlight. Along with all of the essential features, you will get a very comfortable and compact form factor that will allow for maximum portability as well.  As you can see it comes with all you need and more, if you are having any doubts whatsoever just check it out, you can always return it if you are not happy with it.

Music From the Andes Mountains

Andes Mountains

In my travels, I have found some of the best music pocketed in mountainous regions of the world. Maybe it’s something about the isolation of the small towns and villages that gives them the opportunity to create wonderful works of art and music. One of my favorite regions were the Andes Mountains of South America. On top of the lush vegetation and wonderful people, the cultural scene there was amazing.

The earliest musical instruments from the area were very crude drums, and simple guitar like instruments. Most of them were constructed from wood and animal skins which were prevalent and available. They found that stretching animal skins tightly around a hollowed out log produced a percussion instrument that could be utilized in their rituals. They also found that by cutting the skins into small strips and stretching them as well produced interesting sounds when they were strummed.

early guitardrum

In making the first guitars, they experimented with a lot of material that was easily available to them. They tried the wool of several of the herd animals to see if it brought the same effect. The sheared the alpacas that they used to make baby alpaca clothing with, and try to raid the strands together to produce a better sound. Once they perfected their craft, they added additional strings and experimented with attention to produce the optimum sound. This played in conjunction with their drums gave their ceremonies and rituals the spice it needed.

Then came the introduction of the wind instruments. The most famous from the Peruvian region were the panpipes. They were intrigued by the sounds of the wind blowing through the reeds which made and melodic noise. So they experimented with the way to fashion several reads together to creates varying sounds. They would make each piece in the set a different size so that the sound created when they would blow through them would be different. Then they could go from one end to the other to change the sound and pitch of the music. This change the way they created their music, and the panpipes are still in use today in their culture.


So what type of music would they produce? Most of the early projects revolve around their life and their work. They would create songs about the hunt that would serve two purposes. One, to celebrate their victory in the field and two, to give instruction to the younger male members to prepare them to take their father’s place. They also produce music to honor their gods, and is a form of prayer for a healthy harvest and abundance up coming season. They believed that the songs that they brought forth would please the spirits, and thus bring them favor.

This is a similar theme in many ancient cultures. They find ways to create new music, and they use this new gift to celebrate their hard work, and to please their creators in the hope of future prosperity.

Music is Timeless

early tribes

Ever since man first banged on a rock and created a rhythm, he has been searching for new forms of music to express himself. In ancient times, we used music to provide a backdrop to our stories and adventures. People would sit around fires and chant and sing while the tribe leaders would recall tales of the hunt and the harvest.

As more cultures grew, different groups would go to war with one another over territory or power. And to document these events, stories were told and passed down. They found that adding music of some sort to the recollection added an emotional piece that made it seem more powerful. That would compel the younger members to follow in the footsteps of their fathers, and uphold all of the traditions.

Early Music

It wasn’t always about serious events, music was created to add to celebrations and general camaraderie. The days were sometimes long and hard, and by playing music around the fire, gave the natives a release from the stress of survival. Most times they stumbled upon instruments by accident. They would strike something, or manipulate an object and found that it made it interesting sound. Over time they learn how to string the sounds together to form music.

All throughout the following centuries, music has evolved and even taken on new categories. Some people enjoy loud and exciting music, while others favor quieter and more soothing tones. Each group found a way to create and perfect instruments that would play their music. Some instruments became universal, like the guitar or drums, while others were only useful for specific types of music. For example, the harp can be used for classical music, but wouldn’t be very good in a rock ‘n roll band.

But no matter what, we have found ways to express our feelings and stories in song. The music industry over the years has evolved into a multibillion-dollar industry. And the warp and the woof of that is mankind’s desire to share his feelings and to celebrate his life. It’s become such a powerful media, that musicians spend their entire lives creating and mastering their musical gifts. It’s such a powerful vocation that monetary return isn’t important to a lot of artists. Their greatest joy is spending their lives creating song.

Learning to create music today is much easier than it was in the past. You can literally go on your computer and take music lessons for a very reasonable price. Some, create their own websites like Jonkois.rocks to teach online drum lessons as well as teaching in person. The new technology age has allowed purveyors of great music to share with the public on a much broader scale.

In closing, I remember the song American pie, which told the story of music coming to an end. The theme of the entire tale portrayed the dying of music as the collapse of the American soul. To the point that without music life as we know it would not be worth living. I know that seems like an extreme example, but the song rang true with an entire generation that knew that without music to tell the human story the world would seem very empty.